The class is designed to teach students about web applications, digital citizenship, personal network building, and social media responsibility and practice. This blog will be used to share with our readers the tools, websites, and web resources that students are learning about. We hope that you find a tool that you can utilize.

There are so many web applications available on the Internet that students may not even know exist. In this course, students will explore the Internet and take advantage of all that it has to offer. Students will learn that Google is more than just a search engine. They will discover various web applications that will help make their time on the Internet more effective and efficient. The web applications that will be explored include, but are not limited to: sharing buttons, blogs, avatars, RSS, social bookmarking, photo sharing/editing, audio and video, presentation, drawing, collaboration tools, and screencasts. Internet marketing and shopping sites will also be explored. Students will explore applications of which they can utilize to enhance both their learning and social experiences. Students will learn and practice digital literacy and responsibility, collaborate, share, create, socialize, and organize content, while demonstrating internet safety. Upon leaving this course students will be informed digital learner/citizen!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking for new tools to share with my students! I explore the web daily in search of new tools. I also gain knowledge from other Social Media blogs/websites who have found resourceful tools. Thank you to all of those experts who share their love for technology with the rest of us!

I also enjoy looking at the students creativity - through their blogs! My students love exploring Social Media! And will walk away with a collection of tools (their own Personal Learning Network) that will enhance their Internet experience both personally, educationally, and professionally.


Today's Topic:  Glogster

Express Your Creativity and Ideas! Share with the World!

Glogster  - Interactive Poster for you to express your creativity, knowledge, ideas and skills.  It allows you to create interactive, online posters complete with images, video, decorations and text.

--hyperlinks to other websites, video, images, photographs, and sounds.

Two versions:  Glogster EDU and Glogster

Glog is a kind of poster - fully designed by yourself! Glog is a fancy creation from text, images, music and video.  Your Glog will stand out. It gives you a perfect tool to express yourself.

Click here to see a blog I created for Business Law - Topic Fingerprinting!

Click here - To Kill a Mocking Bird example - video

Click here - Meez Blog - plays music

Explore other examples of glogs
Tell the others what you think about yourself, about love, friends, school or about the world. Simply write what you have in your mind! Just choose the design you like and write a poem, joke, greeting, a letter or create a presentation.


Don’t forget to add images! Choose the best of your own pictures or the pics you got from the Internet. Cool celebrities, cartoons, characters, glitters or art. Just add them to your Glog and make it fancy.


Words and pictures isn’t enough? Pump it up with some audio! Show the others what kind of music you are into. Pop, rock, hiphop, electronic, jazz or techno. Just upload your favorite mp3 or listen to the music on other Glogs.


Have your own video? Watch your favorite band’s clips every day? Upload it to your Glog. It is easy: you can use videos from your fav video sites. Make your Glog rock and add a video or even a movie.


Create an account.

Edit your profile.

Your task is to create an online poster (called a Glogster) on your assigned topic Web Tool .  The purpose of the Glogster is so that others can use your site to learn more about you.

Become a F.A.N.

After everyone’s Glogster pages have been created, you are to visit ALL of them and become a F.A.N. of their page. To become a F.A.N. you must do the following: ►
View the Glogster site ►
Select a student page and scroll down to the comment section of the page ►
Do the following:
Find your Favorite picture on the page and state why it is your favorite

Name your favorite thing (attribute) about the page—be specific!

Create a new post - All About Me Utilizing Glogster

Explain Glogster
Insert the link to your Glogster for others to visit.
You may not have pictures to use - so this may have to be completed at home.
Due - Tuesday before lunch.

You will also create another Glogster on Tuesday - over web tools - so start exploring!

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